Greetings Saints!

We are coming into an incredible new season. While there is still much that looks chaotic in the natural, God is on the move restoring people to Himself and one another. Everywhere around us there are testimonies of lives coming to Christ and broken relationships being reconciled.

We have been hearing from the Lord “The Key To Revival Is The Restoration Of Family”. With that in mind we have invited key people to speak, minister, and lead worship this year with our own team of people at Jesus Pursuit Church.




Wm Paul Young, author of the novels The Shack, Cross Roads, and, Eve, and Lies we Believe about God, was born a Canadian and raised among a stone-age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of what was Netherlands New Guinea (now West Papua). He suffered great loss as a child and young adult, and now enjoys the “wastefulness of grace” with his growing family in the Pacific Northwest.




Kimberly and Alberto have a desire to see the sons of God grow in the knowledge of their true identity. To help them release their unique sound DNA in corporate worship. To engage the Heavens and synchronize with the heart of the Father so that it could be taken into the market place to reach the lost. So that the whole creation would manifest the glory of the goodness of the Lord.




Denny Cline is the founding pastor of Jesus Pursuit Church and is known and loved for his simple, compassionate and yet extravagant approach to Kingdom life. He is a notorious “God-chaser” who has led Jesus Pursuit Church (formerly VCF Albany) in a bold direction that has birthed many developing ministries and produced a rich harvest of fathers, mothers and children filled with the zeal of the Lord. Jesus Pursuit Church, is an expanding resource church that emphasizes love, worship, and the presence of God along with the importance of all the saints participating in ministry. It is Denny’s dream to see thousands become carriers of God’s glory to their neighbors, work places and ultimately to the nations.



Garris Elkins has been called by God to raise up a prophetic generation who will speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven.  Garris’ ministry seeks to align people with their God-defined destiny through teaching, writing and prophetic ministry.





After Emily Tedrow had a radical encounter with the love of God at the age of 19 that completely changed her life, Emily has been running passionately after God ever since and taking as many people as she can along for the journey with her.    Although she is known widely as a prophetic songbird, she is also one of God’s emerging leaders in the body of Christ.  It’s Emily’s great passion to raise up disciples of Jesus and to empower the body of Christ to do the ministry of Jesus.  Emily is the lead pastor of Jesus Pursuit Church in Albany Oregon where she’s been ministering for almost 20 years.  More than all of the above, it’s Emily’s genuine love for God and for people that defines her worship and her ministry.  Emily and her husband Justin and their 2 amazing daughters live in Albany, Oregon where they serve as pastors at Jesus Pursuit Church.


You will be challenged in your concept of how good and far reaching the love of God actually goes. You may experience healing in your own life that brings reconciliation to relationships in your circle of life. And you will leave with a fiery love for God and people. Gathering this specific group of reformers has been years in the making. We hope you can join us on this journey.




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