Life Groups

Life Groups

Jesus Pursuit Church believes that all Christian ministry must flow from relationships, first and foremost with God, and also with the body of Christ and the individuals we minister to. There is a desperate cry for love, acceptance, and relationship in our society today. People want and need to belong to something, hence the need for home groups.

Among our foundational values are “equipping the saints for Kingdom ministry” and establishing relationships in which people can come together in small groups and enter into fellowship with one another. A home group provides an environment in which ministry and leadership skills can be practiced and sharpened. In this setting, we grow, learn to minister, serve, pray, cry, laugh, and become victorious together! Home groups are a place for people to experience and participate in the life and ministry of the Church as seen in the New Testament.

We desire for everyone to participate in a home group, and strongly encourage participation. In these groups, we develop meaningful relationships and provide an environment of discipline and nurturing, holding one another accountable as we become disciples of Christ. Friendships develop and flourish in small groups, which naturally form a “place to belong” in the larger Church.

Life Group Listings by Meeting Day

Mondays & Wednesdays:

Young adults, at the home of the Feigenspan’s; 7 p.m. Monday
35194 Cortez Place SE, Albany OR 97322
Leaders: Jason and Amy Feigenspan

Youth Group: Jr. High & High School:
Wednesdays; 7:00PM at Jesus Pursuit Church in the minitorium
2110 Santiam HWY Albany OR 97321
Leaders:  Jason & Amy Feigenspan

Stay posted for a life group in your area.